About Us/Mission

J.K.O. Running is a women's running group based in New York City.

J.K.O. Running stands for "Just Knock Out!" Running. The name was inspired by the place that most of our team's run start or end with the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (J.K.O.) Reservoir, one of the serenest settings in Central Park, a big draw for tourists, walkers, runners, and the woman for whom it was named after, who gave so much of herself to others (http://www.nytimes.co...) (http://www.associated....) as do many women in our team.

View of the Dakota's from the J.K.O Reservoir.
Why "Just Knock Out?" Because in all aspects of our lives "knock-outs" are what we strive for. And, from Newbies to Marathoners we do "Knock Out!" Running as well.

Our members are called K.O. Runners. The women who join us come from all walks of life, running experience and interests. The group's activities are planned and guided by K.O. Runner's feedback and suggestions. K.O. Runners may suggest and host events. The events may range from participating in race events sponsored by NYRR, ING Marathon, and other organizations in New York City and other states, as well as local team runs and socials. Discussion forums are available via various platforms for members to share ideas and engage with other members. K.O. Runners are also encouraged to host runs in their areas. Details of suggested runs or events must be approved before it is announced to the general membership. Suggestions can be e-mailed to JKORunning@gmail.com or members can use the following platforms:

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Having an account with any of these platforms is not necessary to be a member of J.K.O. Running, though using any of them is strongly recommended in order for members to keep up with the latest team news, run and event announcements as well as K.O. discussions.

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Team announcements are also made via Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook platform is open for members to post photos and other shares.

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J.K.O. Running's mission is to encourage women of all ages, and backgrounds, from newbies to the more experienced, to run. Get fit. Have fun. Network. Develop friendships with others running in the pack. Support and cheer each other at the starts and finishes not just in races but while training together.

No matter the distance, 1.5M, 4M, 10K, marathons, ultra runs, whether running, run/walking or jogging on dirt paths, mixed terrains or the streets of concrete jungles - we are there!! Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Aunties, Friends... Building strength & endurance. Improving cardiovascular fitness. Loosing weight. Connecting with our inner selves, the environment that surrounds us and others.

Finding peace. Satisfaction. With each step, each run an achievement. Becoming our very "bestest!!"

To join just complete and return a membership application along with your annual dues. Click here for more information about membership.