Monday, January 23, 2012


Whether it is your very first time running or your 10th marathon, in addition to good health and strength a little inspiration can go a long way!

This weeks inspiration comes from Helen Keller.
                if we stick to it long enough."

Helen and her teacher Ann never gave up. They worked tirelessly. They focused on the journey that lay ahead of them not in its length. The stayed on course, jumping all hurdles that lay in their way. Frustrations, physical ailments, heartbreaks.

Helen Keller accomplished a lot in her life despite her inability to see, hear and have acquired as she says in this clip, "Normal Speech." She was a writer, a lecturer, a suffragist, a volunteer. She was an advocate for the blind, dedicating more than 40 years of her life to the efforts of the American Foundation for the Blind. Her life, an inspiration! 

Short run? Long run? Stick to it!

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